10 Questions - Jimmy Danger

Easy now family - We’ve managed to sit down with Jimmy Danger for a bit of the old back and forth before his highly anticipated music video drops on Sunday - taken from his forth coming EP dropping early next year with a bit of the old Dirty Dike and Pete Cannon combo production. ‘Ave a butchers of the interview!

Yes Jimmy, what you sayin'?


I'm sayin' I like to craft wicker baskets, but I also really enjoy sayin' weird stuff to people through microphones. I run a Hip-Hop and DnB label, Audio Danger Records. I rap on everything cause I’m easy! I'm based in Bratislava, Slovakia.

What's your sound for your new project?

The Serious Waffle EP is 6 tracks ranging from classic boom bap, some moodiness to funky sleaze and auto tune - Tongue in cheek silly bars to deepness, singing and jokes. It's fun!


Outside of Hip-Hop I do a lot of Drum & Bass emceeing around Europe, but coming from a Hip-Hop mindset I’m delivering more of a Rap sound than that assumed DnB emcee style. After my EP drops, I’m focusing more on studio time and recording tracks rather than the live shows every weekend. To be honest, the listeners could probably tell you better than me, but I'd say my sound is all over the shop right now!

Biggest hyped moment?

I've worked crowds along side some of the greatest in Drum & Bass and cyphered with some the best in in UKHH at various points in my life, so its difficult to say. Dirty Dike and Pete Cannon are my homies and most of the time I forget they are legends and pioneers in this UK Rap ting, so for them to say they are happy for the EP we made to come out on my little label, that makes me pretty fucking proud!

Any advice and wisdom from the dome for our readers and other aspiring artists?

Don't be a dick, be yourself - It's not a competition unless it actually is like a rap competition, like battle rap and that, then it is a competition - So yeah, have fun, try not to rush things. Don't get pissed off 'cause people are long. Music people are the longest of the long, so don't waste energy being pissed with them, do something else or do it yourself.

Check out my new music video for Bread Knife Ft. Jabba Tha Kut and produced by Pete Cannon dropping this Sunday. Also check out the full EP when its drops and check out a band called Tuxedo, nothing to do with me but its advice!

What's next after the video and EP drop?

After the first video Bread Knife drops there's an animated video by Monsta ready to go. I’ll be finishing a couple more videos for the EP in the UK over Xmas with the gang before the whole project drops. I've started work on a new project, not sure what its gonna be yet, but I’ve got a couple beats from a rapper and producer called Harvs. He’s wicked! I'm very busy being a Dad and working, plus doing Drum & Bass bookings almost every weekend, so its a slow process, but there will be more...

Favourite Hip-Hop album of all time? I know it ain't easy...

FUCK! that's impossible, seriously! I can give you a few!

Non-Phizion - The Future Is Now (That’s what my EP artwork is based on)

Jehst - Return of the Drifter

Skuff - Destroy Everything

Cypress Hill - Temples of Boom

Nas – Illmatic

There's soooo much, we are really spoilt for choice - That very short list would change for sure depending on when you ask me, wind direction, temperature, position of the stars etc

Favourite gig you've been to?

Boom Bap Festival 100% in Mildenhall, UK. I think that's where it is?! The line ups are just silly. If you’re a Hip-Hop fan and you haven’t been to it then you should slap yourself at least once every day until the next Boom Bap! Pretty much the whole UKHH scene is there, all in a field, plus legends like Ghostface Killer, RA the Rugged Man etc. I absolutely love that festival and I’ve camped every year. It's the only festival I actual camp at and don't complain.

What do you eat, drink, smoke when in the studio? Do you have a regime?

It depends which studio and what I’m recording. For example, I started making the EP at Dike’s in Brighton when he was living above a pub - That was excellent for pub grub and booze! The EP was finished in London at Dikes new studio which he shares with Pete Cannon. There was no real regime to it, Dike and Pete are very creative but crazy people and a lot of the time we would just be pissed up banging drums, freestyling and singing bull shit, making really strange music that we thought was funny or whatever. Just having fun and seeing what happens really. I actually made a lot more tracks but they were unfinished or just too weird to go on the EP. But music is a vibe and your vibe is the music so that is the regime - Trying to capture that vibe and make it sound not shit 'innit.

Weirdest thing a fan has ever given or taken from you, you must have stories?

I’m old, my memory sucks and I’ve been getting bookings all over England and Europe for a while now. All I can think of is stuff people want signed and the obvious shit like spliffs, strange substances, food, drinks etc

The strangest thing fans try take is the mic! You know who you are, stop it and NO….I don't want you to rap in my ear at the smoking area. There's loads of them guys, its all love but calm down please....

Shoutout your people!

Nice one Wordplay, big up! And if you've read all this, the first Video will drop this Sunday 25th November and my EP will be out Early 2019 on Audio Danger Records.

Big up Dirty Dike, Pete Cannon, Dr. Syntax, J Man, Skuff, Cyril Snare, Jabba Tha Kut, Monsta, the guys at Cambridge Mastering and everyone who helped with the EP in some way!

New Jimmy Danger video dropping here on Sunday, stay LOCKED!

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