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Issue 14 – Chester P

As 2015 kicks into gear we’re more than hyped to announce the arrival of issue 14 of Wordplay Magazine. As you can see from the picture above, our main focus for this edition is the phenomenally talented Chester P. For the …
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Lord Finesse – The SP1200 Project: Deluxe Edition

Lord Finesse is a name that should need no introduction, but I’ll give you one anyway. After debuting with Funky Technician in 1990, with his then sparring partner DJ Mike Smooth, he released Return of the Funky Man in 1992. …
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10 Questions – Dolby D: Sidewalk/London All Stars

Firstly please introduce yourself, tell us where you’re from and who & what you represent: I am The Original Bboy of London Town. The Boy Fresh Dolby D. Dolby Montana of Montana REAL Estate. Merkadon of The Merkadonz. General Only1thedolby …
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EXCLUSIVE – Join Akala & friends…

***ENTRY FOR THIS IS NOW CLOSED*** Wordplay cordially invites you to join Akala & friends for this once in a lifetime opportunity. It’s competition time again at Wordplay as we offer you something truly unique. With his latest release due to drop …
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Stüssy – SS15 – Women

The Stüssy Women’s Spring 2015 Collection takes heavy inspiration from the relaxed West Coast lifestyle. Youthful spirits and romanticised wondering – the sun-drenched black and white photographs by Yusuke Yamatani highlight beauty in simplicity in this season’s campaign, directed and …
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Stüssy – SS15 – Men

Stüssy presents the Spring/Summer 2015 photography campaign by Tyrone Lebon, styled by Tom Guinness. For its Spring 2015 campaign, Stüssy rekindled its relationship with London photographer Tyrone Lebon. He explores the Los Angeles landscape in a series of timeless and …
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Essa – Evade and Seek (The Epilogue)

Essa for years has provided us with quality hip-hop, be it as Yungun or Essa, solo or with his many collaborators, including Mr Thing. By now, he’s become a reassuring presence in the scene. You know when he drops something …
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Vandal Collective

Vandal Collective aim to clothe a unique target market, mixing current tastes from high fashion to the streets and infusing their unique surf, skate and street mentality. Based in North America, VNDL maintain its stature in men’s fashion as a …
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The Purist – Pyrex Scholar

UK producer The Purist has already carved a niche for himself in today’s scene with his stellar beat-crafting, eye-catching vinyl packages (a hit amongst the *ahem* purists) and high-profile, transatlantic collaborations garnering plenty of attention with the hip-hop fraternity Stateside. …
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G Unit – The Beast Is G Unit

G Unit’s rise to the top of the rap game through prolific mixtape releases, high quality albums and a stream of high profile beefs is something that will go down in hip-hop history. They redefined the game and when their …
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Rapper Big Pooh – Words Paint Pictures

Rapper Big Pooh has quietly been dropping solo material for over a decade. Yet, he hasn’t received as much props for his work. A lot of times, listeners are too busy wanting him to “go back to Little Brother”. Yet, …
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Diz 2

10 Questions – Dizraeli

Welcome back to the Wordplay 10 Questions. As ever we will be keeping it light, allowing our guests to expand on their answers as much as their time allowed. This week’s plucky contestant is Dizraeli, check it. 1) Contestant, what’s …
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DJ EFN – Another Time

DJ EFN is a staple in both Miami hip-hop and DJ culture worldwide. Since 1993, he has released over 40 mixtapes. He has had plenty of musical business ventures mostly under the Crazy Hood umbrella. He has even dabbled in …
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Etta Bond

“I remember stealing a Tupac tape from my sister’s room once when I was really young!” laughs Etta Bond discussing her early music memories on a cold but sunny afternoon in a cosy Shoreditch pub. She’s in the mood to …
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fundamental elements - the prerequisite

Fundamental Elements – The Prerequisite

So, who’s your favourite Aussie rapper? Mad thing is, the list should be endless, but like with most overseas hip-hop (excluding the US of course), it’s a little tricky for music to drip feed into the UK scene. However, there …
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Joey Fatts – Ill Street Blues

There’s that type of ‘hip-hop’ that comes on the radio or telly, some naff video to a crap song or whatever, that generally makes you cringe and blush when admitting to people “that you’re into hip-hop”, due to the blurred …
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