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Although not technically a new Eminem album per se, any new release coming out of Shady Records is an exciting time for hip-hop fans.  One disc collects classics from Eminem, as well as past and present signees to the label; …
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The Book Thieves – Getting Close to Midnight

Hailing from Oxford, by way of London and Bristol, the thieving two-piece Legoman and Ollie-Mac, are no strangers to the UK hip hop playing field despite only founding The Book Thieves (TBT) in 2011. TBT have dropped their fourth release; the …
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10 Questions – Midus (Style Elements Crew/ Originality Stands Alone)

1: What first got you into breakin’? I grew up with Hip-Hop around me. My older brother used to tag/write. Him and his friends schooled me on music, movies like Beat Street, graff magazines, etc from a young age. So …
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Zedo – Coffeeshop

Having read some other reviews of this free mixtape, I’ve notice a lot start with something along the lines of ‘this is the first I’ve heard of Zedo…’ I have to say, the same applies to myself, but it amazes …
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M.O.P. – Street Certified

Mash Out Posse have been around for yonks now, and have always peddled their aggressive, street-orientated, make-your-throat-hoarse rap with no compromise. Lil Fame (or Fizzy Womack as he’s also known) and Billy Danze have not mellowed with age, many of …
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Amongst all the ranting, raving, trolling and debating which can accompany hip hop, one of the most enjoyable things as a fan is when something great comes along which makes any of that hullabaloo irreverent and irrelevant. Categorisation, sub genres …
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#GutterButter with @GRIFFandish

It’s been a little longer than expected since the last instalment of #GutterButter, so there’s a fair bit of ground to cover. There’s been bare grimy shit coming out over the last two weeks and beyond, so check in and …
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Sleaze – The Rise of Isaac Roberts

Sleaze has been holding it down for the second city for years now, becoming one of Birmingham’s proudest exports. Greasy Vinyl elder statesman and GV Clik head honcho, Sleaze the Don first came to prominence in 09 with Theolovision, a …
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Twizzy – FarmFoodz

There aren’t a lot of emcees out there that can spit at a Mach-10, tongue-twisting pace. Busta Rhymes had it years back. Iron Bridge and Essex native Jibbarish did it before fading into the rappers’ back catalogue. Now, a young …
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Rhyme N Reason Presents – Chester P

  Well here we are again then. Another week, another dope Rhyme & Reason night for us to show you. As ever it’s the much travelled and always on-form Anis Ali who went along to see BadHabitz, MistaFire, NLP, DJ …
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10 Questions – Duzkie Duzk (The Ruggeds)

Please introduce yourself, tell us where you’re from and who & what you represent: My name is Duzkie Duzk, Rugged Solutions, Throwdown Kings. All the way from Holland, I’m living in Rotterdam right now as the crew was based in …
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Grim Moses – This Is Me Rapping

In hip-hop these days, the boundaries get more and more blurred between what’s considered ‘underground’ and what’s not. There’s just so many people able to make the music and put it out – all from the comfort of their own …
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Telemachus – In Morocco (YNR)

Telemachus returns with his highly anticipated sophomore album, ‘In Morocco’. Following up 2013’s ‘In The Evening’. This new offering see’s the London producer moving away from his previous sound to tread new ground and expand on new ideas. Gone are …
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Ghostface Killah – 36 Seasons

It’s hard to write about the Wu Tang without getting into their background and history; such is the rich, iconic, and downright legendary status over the back catalogue of the Clan and it’s members. After practically redefining east coast hip-hop in the early …
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Grouch x Eligh x Cunninlynguists – Winterfire EP

This EP brings about the strange combination of Grouch and Eligh of west coast Living Legends and southern rhymers Cunninlynguists. Both of these groups are known for their dope music whilst being somewhat underrated. The collaboration project is both beautiful and eerie in …
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