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Yo! – A-F-R-O & Marco Polo, Tom Misch & Loyle Carner, D.O.S., TNC, Fudge, Duurty Goodz + more

YO! Welcome back to Yo! – Your go to spot for a bi-monthly fix of the latest releases, videos, news and vibes gathered up neatly in a Yo! sized bundle! Tony D & Locksmyth f. Oshea – Police Harassment The Poisin …
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10 questions – Verses Bang (Gutta Recs / Troll Gang)

Ello! So, Wordplay HQ are back again with some words and questions, in a particular order, to help you find out more about artists you love, or are yet to discover. We keep the questions loose to let them expand …
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10 UK streetwear brands every Wordplay reader should know

Seeing the rise of streetwear over the years has been somewhat bittersweet, the development of styles and diversity of brands available now is vast! But in some cases it has risen almost too far and into the realms of high …
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Interview – Creatures Of Habit

Since RLD Records was founded by Leaf Dog & BVA back in 2006, their ethic of keeping rap music real and organic has earned them the respect of a global hip-hop community. This respect has led to RLD becoming one …
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UK PREMIERE – Soundsci – The Art Of Smoke & Mirrors

After the chilling events taking place in the US, the #blacklivesmatter campaign and the fallout of Brexit, it’s worrying how events can rapidly spiral out of control. 2 weeks ago we ran the Soundsci takeover, creating a track over the …
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Ugly Heroes – Everything In Between

Ugly Heroes have kept a very busy schedule – both collectively and individually – so now they attempt to further cement their legacy by delivering a follow up album to their well-received self-titled debut from 2013 (although each member has …
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Start the week off right. Check the EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE we’re excited to bring you from D£DW8 (aka Baileys Brown & Blanka – Split Prophets) with their latest offering from out of the shadows. N£XT TO NUN continues the pairs foray into the …
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The rise and rise of Dabbla

‘Fuck Scotty, I’ll beam myself up’ As excitement around a Dabbla solo LP grows, it’s highly likely that Year Of The Monkey will be more akin to Planet Of The Apes in terms of discharged energy and dramatic effect. The album is …
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Coops – God Complex

It’s been a little over three weeks since Coops dropped the third instalment of his discography and we’re still revelling at it’s brilliance at Wordplay HQ.  Following in the foosteps of his debut What Do You See? and the well-received follow …
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YO – Dabbla, Schoolboy Q, Planet Asia and more!

YO! Welcome to the latest instalment of Yo! – Your go to spot for a bi-monthly fix of the latest releases, videos, news and vibes gathered up neatly in a Yo! sized bundle! Dabbla‘s long awaited debut solo album Year Of The Monkey is almost here! …
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Wordplay Podcast 020 | Hosted by Vice beats| Soundsci guest mix by Ollie Teeba| f. Dabbla, Shadow, Blu, Foreign Beggars + more

As the final piece in our Soundsci takeover puzzle, the Wordplay Podcast is hijacked in a dope way by DJ Ollie Teeba (Herbailser) representing his Soundsci family with the Soundsci Soundsource mini-mix. Alongside Ollie, Vice holds it down with as …
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SOUNDSCI TAKEOVER – Day 6 – Connecting The Dots Part Four: Rhymes, Rhymes, Rhymes! with Audessey aka Jack Jones

OK! So, it’s the time for our final video in the 4 part Connecting The Dots video series exploring the inner process of Soundsci! To finish of we have Audessey reciting his freshly penned verse. We told you at the …
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SOUNDSCI TAKEOVER – Day 5 – Connecting The Dots Part Three: The Monk’s Work with DJ Ollie Teeba & JonnyCuba

Aaaah yeh! Wordplay is still under a friendly takeover! If you’ve been checking out the past 4 days of the Soundsci Wordplay takeover you’ll know that as part of the week we’ve worked with the crew to create a 4 part video …
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SOUNDSCI TAKEOVER – Day 4 – The Art Of Soundsci – Exclusive interview with Mr.Krum

So far this week we’ve had the pleasure of talking to No Sleep Nigel, seeing Ox dig for treasure, and Audessey fixing up samples ready to chop, and now, on day 4 of the Soundsci Takeover week we turn to …
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SOUNDSCI TAKEOVER – Day 3 – Connecting The Dots Part Two: Protool’n with Audessey

Yes yes! It’s that time again! If you’ve been perusing the past 2 days of the Soundsci Wordplay takeover you’ll know that as part of the week we’ve worked with the fellas to create a 4 part video series unveiling …
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