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dying proof

Luca Brazi – Dying Proof

When speaking the name Luca Brazi, you’ll think one of two things. One being a heavy set fictional character from Mario Puzo’s ‘The Godfather’, part of the Corleone family and a Mafioso notorious for chopping off horses heads (as referenced by Cage). The other, …
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**STREAM** Problem Child – Confessions Of A Normal Human Being

Problem Child – Confessions of a Normal Human Being                                               Potent Funk Records “Cold as Penguins Balls and …
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Cracker Jon & 2late Front Cover

Cracker Jon & 2Late – You Can Take The Cracker Out Of Croydon

The latest spotlight being given to the High Focus emcee roster is far from a surprising choice. With his staccato drawl flow and THC-infused lyrics, Cracker Jon fits in comfortably alongside nationally respected boom bap introverts like Fliptrix and Verb …
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Cyclonious & Chairman Maf: Hostile Leadership

Cyclonius (Mc) & Chaiman Maf (bringer of beats) new album ‘Hostile Leadership’ is the kind of Hip Hop lyricism and style I have advocated for years.  There is often a disconnect between rap with meaningful lyrics and rap that can …
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Cheech x Morriarchi – Kush Garden

A chilled experience awaits those willing to take the time to check this cheeky little EP from Bluntskins MC Cheech and Bad Taste producer Morriarchi. With eight original tracks from the newly formed duo, it’s a a lengthy EP hence …
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The Blast Present Method Man & RedMan @ Motion Bristol

My oh my was Saturday one hell of a night! Getting there when the sun was still up was a bit strange, but as soon as I walked in it was the same old Motion. Greeted by a typical scene, …
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Nixon x Mike D x Monster Children

NIXON X MD X MC LIMITED EDITION SUPERTIDE Hossegor, FR- As guest editor of Monster Children #43, Mike D of the Beastie Boys worked with a roster chalk-full of talented humans including the likes of Ryan Sheckler, Rob Machado, Sage …
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The Last Skeptik & Illaman – A Few Quiet Beers (A.F.Q.B)

So Boom Bap came, fucked us all up, and went. I haven’t a clue how to sum it up succinctly as a writer other than it was a pilgrimage to Hip Hop music saturated in superlatives, adjectives, magic metaphors, sun-kissed …
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Boom Bap Professionals – 10 Year Anniversary

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! A decade is a long time for anything musical to last, especially a record label with such a focused vision for their brand. For ten years Boom Bap Professionals have supported the scene and provided a constant stream …
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Enlish – Delicious Heat

Big Dave Enlish is a well known face in the UK scene and a funny guy. If you follow him on Twitter or Instagram then you already know this and if you don’t then you’re slippin’ The photo of his …
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RazorKingz – Reign Drops

RazorKingz aka rapper Boomstick and producer Tank are coming straight out of Glasgow via Middlesborough, with some hard hitting, head nodding, boom bap Hip Hop. Keeping in line with a large amount of modern UK Hip Hop, the Razor Kings …
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Boombap 2014 Video

I was just strolling back to my waterlogged ‘waterproof’ tent on a grey, damp Saturday morning when I bumped into Heavy Links. The Lincolnshire outfit looked spectacularly conspicuous in jet black attire from shades to shoes, whereas I had just …
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Kid Vishis Interview

Prior to the release of Timing is Everything, Wordplay took some time out to see what Kid Vishis had to say on being Royce Da 5’9′s brother, his influences and plans for the future. You are a Detroit artist coming …
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Ellis Meade x Kydro: High & Wired

High and wired is an EP full of soulful samples and a chilled electric beats infused with Jazz. Over this Ellis Meade’s rap accelerates and decelerates, surfing the music with skill. Both the Producer; Kydro and the lyricist; Meade have worked …
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Sage Francis: Copper Gone

Without the slightest shadow of a doubt, Sage Francis is one of the eldest elder statesmen of Independent Underground U.S Hip Hop. He has also often been noted as a rather gifted spoken-word poet. Having not released a fully produced …
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