In Review: Ronnie Bosh - All People Expect


Ahhhhh here it goes! Another Dirty Dike-produced project hitting the virtual shelves of the High Focus market place; this time the highly anticipated solo project from Mr. Ronnie Bosh.

When listening to something I’ve been waiting for a hot minute and when it bangs like this project does; three things run through my mind:

  1. This a BAD BOY sound. 

  2. What a spectacular, well produced and all-round well thought through piece of art. 

  3. Where's my lighter?

Only Ronnie Bosh can have a wheel-up bar on his first verse on the album. In true ode to lyricism, I wanted to catch everything. I found myself rewinding this album a lot to get a real feel for it. RB's demeanour and tone of voice just amalgamates such naturally flawless hooks; his soulful flows fly high above the scattered drums, samples and other musical elements.


The feature list is strong with a double whammy from Baxter on Explain & Funghi, with the latter finding him tag teaming once again with Lee Scott. Contact Play make the obligatory posse cut outro with Pulp. However my favourite feature has to go to someone who I hope keeps featuring on these High Focus projects. The one and only Eva Lazarus ushering smooth, sweet-sounding vocals that perfectly compliment Bosh on One.

I'm glad this is our first window into Bosh’s sonic journey and I can’t wait to be receiving my Vinyl available for pre-order HERE

All People Expect is released on 25th July on High Focus.

Words by Kyle Fate Gonsalves

Mike PattemoreComment