In Review: DJ Vadim & Jman - Likkle More


It's always great when a rapper comes out with an album with a little more musical influence then your standard hip hop project. That being said, this isn’t your standard hip hop project and Jman isn’t your standard hip hop artist.

Since Babylon Dead’s debut release 2 years go, Jman has definitely been making waves. From touring around America, Europe, Jamaica and Japan to having shows shut down in Cardiff due to the “shocking images” off their album artwork (a police riot van on fire). Events like those always remind me of NWA and how we are still facing the troubles they did almost 30 years later.

However this isn't a political article nor a review of Babylon Dead. In fact , sonically speaking, the two sound almost completely in contrast of each other and show the versatility of Jman’s artistry. War In The Streets  is very much a modern take of Dub/Reggae and has lots of major chords, dub effects (mainly delay), one drop drums - the important characteristics of a dub tune. It also carries a controlled rage of activism feel to it. The following track I Was Like, very much embodies the Babylon Dead sound but with a likkle more light to it; incorporating what sounds like the same synth from Kid Cudi’s Day N Night, tastefully used here to good effect.

The way Vadim & J work together musically is second to none and I'm looking forward to hearing the marching and soulful beats of Vadim and commanding vocals of Jman on future projects. Overall I love the album it combines the majority of my favourite genres; Hip Hop, Dub, Reggae with a little sprinkle of Jungle & Dancehall. If the multigenre influence wasn't enough to enthrall you, the artwork is very beautifully drawn and has such a great concept to it and to wrap things up, the feature list also boasts an amazing array of up and coming artists.


Word by Kyle Fate Gonsalves 

Mike PattemoreComment