JPDL x Yogi Beats - 10 Questions

JPDL is an artist who’s spent over ten years working on his project. Whether it’s history or politics, JPDL’s content has stretched throughout a variety of subjects. He’s socially aware and has shown this throughout the years, as well as alongside his musical partner Yogi Beats, who he features with for their self-titled release for Played Out records. Yogi Beats proves he’s just as conscious when it comes to societal issues; together they provide an intricate look into what they represent individually and as a collective. We caught up with them both for our second 10 Questions session of the year. Peep the interview below!

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What’s your names, chosen crafts and where are you based?

[JPDL] My name is JPDL and I’m from Cheltenham town. I’m an MC and spoken word artist. 

[Yogi] Yogi Beats, producer/DJ based in Cheltenham.

How would you describe your sound to a first-time listener?

[JPDL] In a recorded context, quite a diverse Hip-Hop-based kind of sound, with a thread of conscious bars. In a live context, we bring up beat, content driven lyricism to old school funk beats and breaks. Party vibes to get people moving. 

[Yogi] Sweet melon.


At what age were you when you discovered Hip-Hop?

[JPDL] I guess about early teens. I got given a triple disc Hip-Hop compilation album - it had an East Coast, West Coast and a UK cd on it. - it changed everything for me really. 

[Yogi] I was into a lot of heavy guitar music when I was younger, so I came later to Hip-Hop later around 19-20 years old after hearing how creative people like The Pharcyde, DJ Shadow and Madlib were with the sound.

What’s your proudest moment to date as an artist?

[Yogi] I was lucky enough to take part in the Boombap festival beat battles a couple of times and ended up in the final of one of them with my mate. Big up the #1 Champ Prozac all day!

[JPDL] I was gigging with a ska and Hip-Hop outfit in 2012 and we were lucky enough to play a set in Hyde park during the Olympics. The vibe was strong. Also this project getting pressed on to white wax vinyl is a big thing for me. 

Do you have any advice for our readers and other aspiring artists?

[Yogi] Keep grinding, put in more hours than the next guy and surround yourself with people who fuel that attitude.

[JPDL] Finding a niche with your live set and doing something individual. Also collaborating with as many artists and different art forms as you can. 

Favourite Hip-Hop albums of all time and why?

[JPDL] Redman - Muddy Waters because of the depth in the beats. The Pharcyde - Bizarre Ride II because of the dynamic MC’s and Jehst - The Return of the Drifter for the lyrical content. 

[Yogi] Nujabes - Departed, Sonnyjim - Mud in my Malbec and Lee Scott - Tin Foil Fronts are three that pop into my head just because I will put them on and listen all the way through. 

Funny stories or anecdotes between you all you can share?

[JPDL] I once performed at Down by the River festival and the act on before me cracked a raw egg on herself and then stuck a cigarette in her arse, lit it, then ran off stage. It was the strangest act I’ve ever had to follow! Also randomly Miles Jupp was in the crowd when I did my set. 


What have you got planned for the not so distant future?

[Yogi] We have a lot in the chamber, we are dropping our new album at the start of Feb and I’ve already started work on the next album. We have a really fun and energetic live show which is full of fresh and classic funky grooves and can be found at our residency in Cheltenham every month called ‘The Funkarama’. Plus a visual mixtape of our upcoming album dropping very soon!

Weirdest thing a fan has given or taken from you? 

[JPDL] We had a melon with a face drawn on it travelling around with us for a while but someone stole it. We found it smashed on the street as we were packing out the kit. 

Shout out ya people!

[JPDL] A special thank you to everybody involved with the album. Big shout to my 5mics vocal collective, MNP for all the help, Mad Buddha Productions for the visual mixtape and last but not least Big respect to Blatant-Lee Sly and love to Played Out Records. 

[Yogi] Madbhudda family

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