LIVE: Jehst with band @ The Jazz Cafe, Camden


JEHST with live band – Jazz Cafe – Nov 8th 2018

Jazz T, Confucius MC, Pitch 92, King Kashmere (Strange U), Loyle Carner and Coops

Itʼs hard to know where to start with reviewing a UKHH pillar performance. Suffice to say, after Jazz T lured us in, Jehst then kicked expectations black and blue with the mighty delivery of much loved classics; whilst holding such prominence on stage. It was genuinely like hearing the soundtrack to a rude youth revived – The standard aftermath should've involved cheesy chips seasoned with regret.

The band beefing up the original beats certainly added an extra dimension in a live setting; a refreshing move away from the ones and twos. Not that that would’ve felt flat, but the rhythm section drove the whole night forward and whipped the crowd up – I've since gone deaf from leaning towards the drummer. As the third beer sank, Jehstʼs guests began to appear, including Confucius MC, Pitch 92 as well as the un-rostered King Kashmere, Loyle Carner and Coops – A definite highlight!

All in all a cracking night, the only critique is that live performances don't come with a repeat button.

Words & Photos by Sam Howle

Josh EldrawComment