MoSik & Koncise - The Dots LP


Koncise and MoSik team up to create The Dots LP. The result is a Gem of an album with a Ying and Yang element to it, showcasing both the light and dark – Side A of the record being the light and side B being the dark – reflecting the spaced and trippy mindset the artists were in at the time. Ayo Odia features on the Sax on 3 tracks from the album, Cinnamon, Trippin and Bodied.

The album proudly struts it's stuff with that golden sound of Hip-Hop with elements of Jazz, Soul and chopped breaks laced with some funky flows and wordplay. This whole joint slaps hard and can be streamed, downloaded or bought on wax. GO COP DAT!!!

Two videos have dropped already from the album with another few in the pipeline. Check them out below!

Josh EldrawComment