2018 was an important year for us here at Wordplay HQ. From nearly wrapping things up at the start of the year; we regrouped, re-evaluated, rebranded and relaunched.

Issue 17 was the start of a new direction for us and with Issue 18 and 2019 well under way, we thought it only right to announce our newest venture; Wordplay Records.

We’ve built the Wordplay brand on a love for the scene and a celebration of the culture. With so much talent coming from our shores and beyond; we always strive to push and promote as much of it as we can and we’re basing this as the foundation for the new imprint.

Wordplay Records. Welcome to the next chapter.


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The Trolls are coming…

Skrabl - Crop.jpg


It's hard pretending to be human, but at least he's now comfortable in his own skin, or is it someone else's? Professional peddler of rhythmic writing and slinger of similes, Skrabl has been shattering ear drums for over a decade and half and it appears his best work is yet to come!

Straight out the solvent riddled suburb of Southend, Skrabl got tired of the rap that a lot of these so called artists were making locally and within the mainstream. Instead, he decided to make palatable rap for like-minded arseholes.


Oozhe crop2.jpg


One of the UK's most diverse and eclectic producers, and once again from Southend - Oozhe has broken the walls across four genres of music with his tight production and well crafted beats and instrumentals. If you aren't featuring or listening to Oozhe then are you really Hip-Hop?

Since he released his debut beat tape back in 2014, Oozhe has continued to build a massive back catalogue of solo releases and collaboration credits with the likes of Flo, Datkid, Micall Parkinson, CW Jones and Ocean Wisdom!


VeresesBang - Crop.jpg


Hailing from Southend/Essex, Verses Bang, 'cus they do, has been part of the music game for a hot minute - 13 years or so to be exact! His style can not be pigeon holed and is often conceptual, thought provoking, sarcastic and tongue in cheek all at the same time. Over the years he's done collaborations with Verb T, Genesis Elijah, Tommy Dockerz and Sonny Jim. 

Not just a rapper, but a stylist too, creating and designing his own line of hoodies, T-shirts and even mugs for all those Jasmine tea fiends out there. Yeah we see you!