In Depth: Reklews // Hock Tu Down

From being inducted into Blah Records through to the founding of Hock Tu Down, from Prozium Peddlin all the way to Hock Tu 3. Reklews speaks #InDepth about the history of Hock Tu Down, managing Blah Records, forthcoming exclusives and more.

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Kong - You Don't Want It

Kong is back with a new EP and video to launch! Off Cuts is four tracks and see’s Kong link with fellow Rum Com members Ceezlin, Gi3mo and adding in Ella Mae, Hatter and Mas Law. Check out the video for that darkness!

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In Depth: The NorthaZe

People been sleeping under rocks, or must be fresh to northern hip-hop if they hadn’t heard of The NorthaZe by now. We spoke #InDepth to Kosi & Swish about their history, Lee Scott, insights into past releases & more.

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