EVENT: Chance The Rapper Listening Party


Beats, Ryhme & Debate will be hosting a listening party for Chance The Rappers career defining album Coloring Book on Friday 4th October in a secret London location!

The album will be played from front to back. And once completed, we’ll dive into a contentious debate, to establish our true thoughts on how good (or bad) the album really is.

Alongside this, we’ll be unpacking the deeper layers and themes of the album, which would otherwise go unnoticed by a mainstream crowd.

This gathering, is really for Hip-Hop enthusiasts who relate to the culture in a big way. And who are excited to join an exclusive tribe who enjoy exploring and conversing about the music they hold close to their hearts.

Throughout the night, food and drinks will be provided, and you’ll have the freedom to connect with new and like minded people who identify with the culture the same way you do.

Tickets are extremely limited and available HERE!

Matt NevilleComment