The Midnight Hour - NAC


The Midnight Hour passed through the UK a few days ago leaving crowds stunned and in awe. This 9 piece collective of brass, strings, drums, guitar and lead by Ali Shaheed Muhammad (ATCQ) on bass and Adrian Younge On keys, was nothing short of incredible.

I caught the show at Norwich Arts Centre, having once been a church the acoustics in this building lifted The Midnight Hours sound high, filling the room. Adrian Younge lead the show, addressing the crowd…

‘You have come out tonight to see us, we are a family and are here to see you’.

The collective shifted sound from psychedelic rock with Younge produced Jack Waterson to hip hop beats and bouncy bass with Ali Shaheed Mohammed of A Tribe Called Quest. To lift the bar even further they introduced Loren Oden on vocals, he’s worked with Younge for some time on various projects and brings that soul soaked voice these beats are craving. If you haven’t heard of him we suggest you check him out.

The whole show was tight and every artist on top of their game, they really do perform as a family unit. I can confidently say this was the best show I’ve seen this year!

Check out the album here

Words and Photos - Matt Neville

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