High Focus 9th Birthday @ SWX,Bristol 18/04


High Focus celebrated their 9th birthday in the only way they could when they slammed Bristol’s SWX with an ever growing roster of some of the top UK MC’s, DJ’s and producers. Drawing a huge crowd with new and old fans a like, whom were ever adorned in High Focus merch. Since being established in 2010, they have been a power house in the UK music scene with an ever growing audience, which was clear to see on Thursday, with both rooms of the venue filled with OG Hip Hop heads and a younger audience that were clearly eager for the night ahead.


The night started off with DJ Fingerfood warming up the crowd as the room filled in anticipation for over six hours of the biggest names in UK Hip Hop. With a lineup that included Bristols own Datkid who bought his no F**** given attitude onstage, along with The Four Owls, Coops, Jam Baxter, Ed Scissor, Ronnie Bosh, Strange U and Onoe Capone. The green room filled with bottles of Gin, Rum and chasers seemed to match the vibe in the crowd as the night processed with Four Owls who bringing head banging beats, distinctive lyricism and powerful stage presumes that captivated the whole of the 1100 capacity room and left a tangled knot of mic leads on stage.


By 3AM the stage was filled with most of the nights acts to see Jam Baxter who bought an precedented energy and atmosphere to the stage. The night was was bought to a close with half hour sets from Brighton boys CMPND and a heavyweight Jungle Set from Boyson for those who didn't want the night to end.

Photos and Words by Andrew Busby

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