Tarantina – Organs EP

Organs EP

Introducing the London based creative powerhouse that is Tarantina, an enviably talented: singer, song-writer, multi-instrumentalist, artist and animator. In 2018 we were treated to her widely-acclaimed enigmatic EP Teething, 2019 brings her somber follow up: Organs.

Put simply, Organs is haunting. It’s a truly dark esoteric sound throughout that somehow reminds you of your own mortality, at level that might stay with you for some time after listening. Be warned. The production oozes an other-worldly quality as if it has been sent outwards into the heavens and it’s returned… a little warped. Everything audible is impressively co-produced, with a solid DIY ethos, by Tarantina and Tommy Sheen – who seemingly shares a similar overcast outlook. The results are sickly dark anthems for suitably dark times.

Tarantina’s fervent voice emotes a narrative tying the whole EP together – as she’s stated the music comes from a sustained time of reflection and you can certainly hear the heartache. A similar pain that Kate Bush, Portishead and PJ Harvey have shown us, no doubt. The mix of influences is undeniably strong and there’s a tappable vein of Trip Hop driving Organs on. Songs like Hunter and One Eye hold that particularly shadowy brilliance that will fill a musical void you didn’t know existed. Switch the lights off and turn up the volume, trust me or y’know… trust no one.

Be sure to check out her off-kilter, hand-crafted, stop-motion music video for Hunter here:


Organs is out now, on Quite Crafty Records, available on Spotify. Also, Tarantina’s debut London headline show will be at The Slaughtered Lamb on April 6th. Tickets on sale now from https://www.alttickets.com/tarantina-tickets. See you there!

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