Skrabl - Wood For The Trees LP

Skrabl emerges from the primordial woodlands – like an “agoraphobic mollusc” – with a highly anticipated ethereal blast of an album. From the off, we’re treated to deep-rooted, pensive beats with some genuinely haunting production for which we have fellow Troll Gang-er Oozhe to thank. Skrab’s perturbing signature grit knocks the roof throughout – unparalleled in terms of sheer angst and loaded delivery. Something of a juggernaut with searing wit and lyrical capability.

Banger after banger, WFTT charges like a burning car towards a petrol station, there’s certainly no let-up with highlights such as: the deathly Tear It Down; Troll Gang Forever – featuring the lost puzzle piece from Troll Gang trio: Verses Bang; the off-kilter 101 Gun Salute and the soulfully grandiose Shaving Cut. Not forgetting the title track, Wood for the Trees, which has a suitably slick video to match – well worth a watch.

Wood for the Trees is out now on Wordplay Records.

Josh EldrawComment