IN PICS: Dirty Dike - Acrylic Snail Tour

If you're anything like me and have a habit of drinking (not just) at gigs and forget it's most likely a school night, then you will know what I'm on about with this one. Another mid week, Wednesday madness occurred at the Jazz Cafe - this time it was Dirty Dike's turn to make your Thursday morning commute to that shit, slave driving job you hate, with more w*nks than 40 winks under your belt. Each hand holding the pickled Dark Fruit remains of your kidneys and the Amber Leaf scorched lungs you retch on to your desk every morning - feel worthwhile.

London town was the first stop in Dike's Acrylic Snail tour and he brought with him a bag of surprises and a sh*t load of friends, including; Ronnie Bosh, Dabbla, Jam Baxter, Lee Scott, Rag 'n' Bone Man, Sumgii, Pete Cannon, DJ Sammy B-Side, a clown and a f*cking caravan!

One of the dopest UK Hip-Hop shows to see live. If you missed it then you're a certified c*nt, but don't worry, we’ve got you - check out these dope pics to see what you missed and make sure you book tickets to see the debauchery in a town near you!

Words by Eldraw

Pics by Khayam Shah

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