PREMIERE: Mister & Curt Cataract - Approaching Land

Mister has been a fixture within the Detroit rap scene for 10 years, cultivating a following from his bluesy rhyme cadence and infectious stage presence. After releasing 5 projects with his group, Passalacqua, Mister returns to his solo roots with Approaching Land, entirely produced by the South East London, masked beat maker, Curt Cataract. The album features Oliver Sudden, Chris Orrick, Sam Herring, D.S.Sense, Mysdiggi, Kopelli & DJ Downstroke on the cuts.

The inauguration of the album began back in the Myspace days over a decade ago (thanks Tom!) and pairs mental health with a maritime theme, navigating the hopelessness of rising water, drowning through the stress of society and the feeling of being lost at sea. Despite the somewhat solemn subject matter, Curt's beats offer a warm contrast and there is an ironic sense of humour reoccurring in Mister's bars.

I’m not the one has a subtle Black Keys feel to it - a smooth blues infused back beat and guitar, laced behind conflicting lyrics and paired with a slick music video shot in Detroit.

Two of Wordplay’s favourite’s feature on track 3 - Collapse. The blue-collar Michigan MC, Chris Orrick, spits spiteful chants for the permanently scarred. Think Bukowski on an eloquent bender. Match this with the writing and bars of Croydon MC, Oliver Sudden, and you have a recipe for creative genius that Gordon Ramsay can F and blind about. Trust me this is RAW with no lamb sauce!

Another fellow Detroiter, D.S Sense features on track 7 - Questions, along side the Mutha Luva’ himself, UK Hip-Hop veteran - Mysdiggi. Every bar written and conveyed in this track is splayed over the top of Curt’s perfected style of forged production.

Each track flows, trickles and meanders into one another throughout this dope album, taking each listener on journey through their own subconscious and back to dry land. Approaching Land is due to be released digitally on Cold Rhymes Records, in association with Blackfriars Records on the 1st of March 2019 with limited CDs, cassettes and Vinyl available to pre-order HERE!

Check out the music videos from the album below:

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