Cuban Pete - Capital C Capital P


Following the success of his Renaissance Man mixtape earlier in 2018, C75 Live head Cuban Pete drops his new album Capital C Capital P. The UK artist has features from Nashville based OneMike, and B.Dvine, and Ju Muny out of New York. All three of these artists are involved in further projects with Cuban in 2019. Production comes from C75 Live producers Cleno Jovanni and SuperEgo, D.Original Mr.Blue who also mixed and mastered the project, DJ Stizz, and Wu Worldwide DJ Coalition member DJ W.I.Z.

In line with recent trends the album is kept to a core 7 tracks, plus an intro and outro. These cover a range of topics from whack MCs to music as therapy to money problems, with Cuban's usual honest roughness and tongue in cheek humour.

Josh EldrawComment