Parallax - Auditory Vision LP

Parallax harks back to the golden era with his heavyweight body of work Auditory Vision: eardrum battering Boom Bap, sprinkled with soul and orchestral samples — particularly potent with tracks like Reminiscing, where we’re greeted with that much-loved mid-late 90s sound. We get a true insight into Parallax’s Hip-Hop education and his journey so far.

The smashing together of Parallax’s acerbic style and the hall-of-fame-back-catalogue cuts takes the album to an exciting place, just when you’re expecting to hear from Havoc or Guru's infamous angst, you’re given a conscious London artist with a distinctly capable flow. Parallax lyrically wrestles with a mixture of observations, from the music scene to global problems, as well as some galling personal issues. You come away feeling like you’ve learnt a few things with each listen; hopefully rap with a bit of substance is having a resurgence and Parallax sounds like he’s spearheading it. The album’s production is audio rocket fuel too, fed in by DJ Nappa, Ded Tebiase, Roeg Du Casq, BBZ Darney and Parallax himself — the familiar MPC bashing, turbo’d 808 loops and syrupy vocal chops wouldn’t feel out of place on a Rawkus Records roster. The features on Auditory Vision stand by themselves — we’re treated to Rakaa Iriscience, CAM, Phoenix Da Icefire and more. No wonder we've nominated it for album of the year!

His latest single and music video, In Doubt For Too Long, which is also produced by Parallax, is one of the best music videos to come out of the UK scene in a hot minute. Both Parallax and Dom (This and That Media) worked tirelessly around the clock to ensure what they had envisioned could be pulled off. The transitions from scene to scene and camera movement, twinned with the lyrics themselves make his latest music video a work of art.

Josh EldrawComment