Hi Trax - Megalodon Music EP (Pre-Release Stream)

Megalodon music (web).jpg

It's been a long time since we've heard such an onslaught of sounds like this and we're hyped! Closing the week nicely we have a premiere from Hi Trax, a UK/Australian collective mixing up bass driven, violent beats with technical double time flows. They even link up with UK Grime and DnB MC Devilman! So you know what to expect from the EP before you hit play.

You should know Joe Snow from the UK's own Defenders Of Style, (The Death of Meaning, Upper Echelon) after touring he settled in Melbourne Australia and developed connections with Sinks and Raptorhandz. The love of Hip-Hop and the shared passion of unique sound design and the creation of explosive hard sounds has spawned this unique connection.

HI TRAX pays homage to Hip-Hop, Grime and Dubstep - blending these influences to create a unique style of up-tempo, bass-heavy electronica straight to ya’ face!

Now that the introductions are done we have the honour of the first play of Megalodon Music! Turn this shit up and annoy as many people as you can. This is bite your lip, dutty skank music. Elbows out, beer in the air sounds - start a mosh pit in the supermarket tunes – Rewind that rude boy!

Pre-sales available here

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