The Northaze - DayTwoRescue // Pulp Diction 3

West Yorkshire rap duo Kosi Tides & Swish, aka The Northaze have returned with the third instalment in their long-running Pulp Diction series; Pulp Diction 3. Released August 10th, PD3 dropped with a visual for the single DayTwoRescue lifted from the increasingly acclaimed EP, fully produced by Leeds beatmaker Jack Danz. 

Featured on Blah Records YouTube channel, the video puts Northaze in the shoes of Pulp Fiction's own Vincent Vega and Jules Winnfield. The intro recreates the scene where both hitmen enter an apartment to collect cash, however Northaze switch up the script to comedic effect. When the track starts [2:48] Northaze act out more scene snippets, whilst lacing Danz's grimey instrumental with quick-fire flows and dumbfounding lyricism.

If you enjoy DayTwoRescue, check out Pulp Diction 3 with guest appearances from Jack Jetson, Toshiro Steel and Lee Scott below the video.

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