Oozhe X Flo - In The Zone

We at Wordplay pride ourselves on sharing and promoting the best independent homegrown talent from the UK and abroad. Now, what we have right here is something that is the embodiment of that moment. Each of these artists are not afraid to put the time and work in for their crafts independently and have been killing it recently - Flo and Oozhe have collabed on a track that we can only describe as a musically formulated metaphor for the current state of the good old British weather. There's probably loads of other meanings I'm sure, but still....look at it!

Flo's strong, summery and warm vocals are carried on the soft, fluffy, hazey chords of Oozhe, who now has broken across 4 genres of music with his tight production and well crafted beats and instrumentals.

Sunshine. Check. Goodtimes. Check. In the zone. Check. Pass me a Dark Fruit...

Josh EldrawComment