Word On The Street? - Tinyman is back


Energetic bars, charisma and witty wordplay, Tinyman is back with a bold statement. I'm a firm believer in listening to a song more than once, after it's been released before giving it the final thumbs up. However, in this case there is no doubt that this new addition to Tinyman's elaborate discography is well deserving of praise and recognition. For the few who have managed to catch up late, Tiny recorded his first song between 2004-2005. A 'young beast' you could say, as Tiny picked up the pen to begin writing rap verses at the young age of thirteen. "I've been making music for most of my life" he revealed to me as we engaged in a deep conversation about how he got to this point in his career. As a result of being in the game for a long period of time, this UK emcee is noted as one of the OG's, alongside other members of the London-based collective ORPHGANG. With a distinctive cadence, fluid flow and never-ending sense of humour, Tinyman continues to receive support from listeners who also recognise his greatness. 

So, make no mistake despite going on a hiatus Tinyman's career is founded on longevity and strategic movements as seen in the release of this new single The Mountains. The single is packed with brazen lyrics like "Back like I never left" which the rapper says repeatedly. Despite these assertions, Tinyman feels that one of the most important aspects of the song is its appeal to women. This aspect of the song is one that may be overlooked by first-time listeners. I questioned Tiny further and got him to breakdown for us why the song has a more feminine appeal...

"For some reason my visualisation of how The Mountains looked, was a place where there was an array of beautiful cool women catching a vibe. So, that was the setting or scenery I imagined for the song. Plus, the references and certain lines in the song were done with the girldem in mind. I wanted to make a riddim that girls could get dressed to and vibe in the mirror to. Glo up anthem tings!" said the musician.

He then spoke very modestly about his longevity and influence. "I don't think I've paved the way for younger musicians, but I have inspired, influenced and supported different artists across the board", #THEVIBE rapper shared with me in a modest reflection of his journey.

The Mountains has such an unmissable dance quality to it. I bet even the people who claim to have no rhythm can't resist squeezing a dance move in...or two. I had a nostalgic experience when I first listened to the song produced by SUBCULTURE. It took me back to an era of hypnotic rhythms - a time when Missy Elliott and Timbaland dominated with chart topping hits. Those memories crept up on me as soon as the instrumental grew in intensity and Tiny began dropping that heat. For Tiny, The Mountains can resonate well with everybody, despite it really resonating with “dancers, rappers and vocalists". He also said that he “wanted to see how the song best affects them”. So, I challenge you dancers, rappers or vocalists to express your creativity through this song.

Words - Daniella Ekundayo

Matt NevilleComment