10 Questions: Blackk Chronical


Yes yes y’all! We’re back again; with a cuppa, ginger biscuits and an ASDA bag full of questions for yet another talented musical type! This time round we have the Triple Drakness affiliated Blackk Chronical. Let’s do this people!

Contestant, what’s your name, chosen craft and where are you based?
My names Blackk Chronical and I make hip hop music straight outta southeast London.

How would you describe your sound?
In one word I would say my sound is organic. Hip Hop drums remain at the centre point but I sometimes parry around it using Alt-Hip Hop beats, DnB and even UK trap beats sometimes. I drift where the heart goes really.

Who / what do you consider to be the biggest influence on your music?
Well my big bro is probably the biggest influence on me as I wouldn’t be doing hip-hop if it’s wasn’t for him. The next biggest influence on my music would have to be my life. I write about what I’m thinking and feeling at the time. I feel writing from that space helps me to make records that I can look back on in time like a photo, truly capturing a moment.

What’s the proudest moment to date for you as an artist?
Would have to be my manager telling me I’ve sold over a 1,000 copies (and counting) of The Unapologetic Autopsy Of Crime EP, and seeing the cash to prove it. I didn’t think that record would be so greatly received let alone sell like that.

Do you have any advice for our readers who maybe trying to play the mad game of music?
Perfect the product - get it mixed and mastered professionally and see it like an investment. Creating a quality product is the only thing you can control. Once it's been released it's out of your hands and into the public's to determine its success. Grind for yourself! I feel promotion is 80% of your success so sell your CD at shows, put up posters, setup a radio tour, do targeted paid ad campaigns and get professional advice if you can.

Name 3 people you would love to work with and why?
Ghostpoet because his album part inspired my second solo release The Love Trap EP.

N.E.R.D because pharrel is an incredible producer and I love working with live instruments.

Isaiah Rashad, his album The Sun's Tirade is dope and I think his style of Hip Hop would compliment mine well.

What have you got planned for the not so distant future?
Well as I mentioned I recently released an EP called The Love Trap available on my Bandcamp. I’m going to spend a good 4 months promoting that, then get back on shows. Next running a mixtape for the streets, then back to working on my album. Taking my time with that.

What’s the album you’ve played more than any other?
Easy - Kanye West's Graduation. Incredible piece of work. He is always ahead of the curb in everything he does.

What’s the best concert you’ve ever been to? 
I don’t really go to shows unless I’m performing so I guess it would be Brighton at the Concorde 2 venue. I supported big daddy Kane with my bro Phoenix Da Icefire and we just had fun. Venue was packed and it was my bro’s bday.

Name 3 things you can’t live without?
Food, water and sunlight. Just like a plant!

Please can you nominate another contestant and provide us with a question for them on your behalf?
Big Cakes. And my question is,
“What’s the most embarrassing moment you have experienced whilst on stage?”

Any last words/shoutouts
Check my latest project!

Well, that’s Blackk Chronical in a nutshell! We’ll see you guys next time for another dose of 10 Questions! WP out!

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