PREMIERE: Detax - Disegno (Produced by Remulak)


Detax is one of the UK”s most promising upcoming MCs. As the front man for The Outerclass (alongside producer Loop Faction), who Wordplay have been supporting and constantly listening to at Wordplay Towers since their debut album Post Real dropped in 2017. Having garnered support and respect from a wide array of the UK’s hip-hop luminaries, Detax is preparing his debut solo release, and it’s set to make some serious waves.

The first track to be released from the album is called Disegno. Detax explains more about the track:

“The word Disegno is a 16th/17th century (Italian) word that translates in to English as ‘Design’ or ‘Drawing’. The meaning of the word goes further in the context of art to the intellectual capacity to invent a design. The word was invented with an intention to lift painting from a craft to art and helped to bring the conceptual understanding towards art as we see it today.

I use the term ‘All roads lead to my pen’ (taken from the Italian saying ‘all roads lead to Rome’) as a way to say that all things and experiences in my life go towards what I write in my bars. It’s a deep one! So you’ll hear bits and bobs about the state of uk hiphop (imo) and personal things that effected my music recently. The song is about inspiration, both the positive and negative.”

This is a seriously nice, and as ever lyirically complex and well produced track. With Remulak of Village Live Records on production duties, and Chemo on mixing and mastering, we’re seriously excited to see what 2018 brings for Detax. 

So without furtherado, here is the exclusive, Wordplay Magazine premiere of Detax – Disegno (produced by Remulak), filmed by Zain Ishmael and Leon Calder… Let’s do this!

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Words by James Kennaby (aka Vice beats)

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