Chester P - The Post-Apocalyptic Story Teller


Since news first leaked that Chester P was finishing a fresh solo project, Wordplay have patiently waited since the sole insight into the release, a single called The P.A.S.T. dropped October last year. Today UK hip-hop heads can rejoice that the renowned Task Force lyricist has delivered unto us an entirely sample free (except from spoken word samples) 8 track EP, The Post-Apocalyptic Story Teller. Composed from purely organic instrumentation, together Chester P and Django Mankub produced each track from scratch. The album features Sylva Faye with flute, harp by Valeria Kurbatova and all other instruments performed by Django himself. Scratch duties are provided by Mister Brown, with all tracks mixed and mastered by J.C.A.


With the Real Talk Records release comes a new visual, a single called Melancholic Flowers. The heart-wrenching beauty of a harp, flute and piano combining provides an emotive instrumental backdrop, as Chester P rhymes with his unique storyteller finesse. The wordplay provides explicit insight into a bleak anticipation for a desolate future, featuring guest vocals by MC DRS. The video animation provides lyrics onscreen, making them easier for audiences to digest. Enjoy the pleasure of reading a story and receiving a narration to go with it. Be sure to check out the full-length project below if you haven’t already.


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Words by Evo

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