Munch Militia - It Ain't Nothin' EP


A UKHH Boom Bap tape for the purists - Real heads making real music. Dr. Dopamine (Dibadee MC) and the elusive EasyNow (Ez3) have a followed up from their last tape, £10 Mic Biznizz, with some of the best wordplay, beats and lyrics on an EP we've heard in 2018. Brothers and sisters, we present to you Munch Militia - It Ain’t Nothin’ full tape. A mashup of B-real and Leaf Dog type vocals, with beats straight from the raw dusty vaults of that golden era that we at Wordplay cherish so dearly. Boom bap all funkin' day. South East stand tall!! 2018 has been one of the best years of UK Hip-hop we've ever seen. Mad talent out 'ere!

Josh EldrawComment