Homeboy Sandman & Edan - Humble Pi (Review)

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Having been a fan of Homeboy Sandman since he emerged over a decade ago and followed his rise on Stones Throw and the fact that Edans Primitive Plus and Beauty And The Beat albums are still on heavy rotation to this day, mean that a collaborative album between the two is definitely highly anticipated! The results are stunning. The fact that Edan hasn't released an album since Beauty And The Beat means that this album is all the sweeter for his full length return.

Kicking off with Grim Season, in which Edans beat weaves its way through the four seasons sonically while Sandman raps in perfect tandem throughout the four changes, in turn glacial and hazy and gets this album off to a breathtaking start. 

This brilliant start doesn't let up at all and the seven tracks on the album flow perfectly into one another and both the beats and rhymes are a match made in musical heaven, you won't be anything less than captivated for the duration until the final notes of the album close with Evolution Of (sand)Man.

Edans beats throughout are throughly on point and vividly show off the vibrant nature of the music he creates, from the genius concept of Grim Seasons and the playful The Gut to the psychedelic mysticism of Rock & Roll Indian Dance and the more reflective That Moment When.., it feels great to hear! The beats and samples are never anything less than inspired. 

Homeboy Sandmans rhymes as well, show exactly what a deft and versatile rapper he is, flipping gems like "Everyday the bullshit worsen, order a pizza like a fucking person, Match dot com like an online pimp, Step to a girl in real life you fucking wimp" on the World Wide Web baiting #NeverUseTheInternetAgain with ease and flipping between concise and confident rhymes to a quicker flow in the blink of an eye, just check out his stone cold rhymes on Unwavering Mind (with its rock hard beat that is in turns both funky and raw) for sheer proof. 

The only potential flaw that initially comes to mind as the album ends is that the project is too short but the way the vibe of the album flows and is executed makes it absolutely perfect for repeated plays and even though the length of the album is fairly concise, the rhymes and beats are impressively sprawling and make for an album that you will want to play again and again, delving in deeper and you will discover new things each time you listen. 

Homeboy Sandman and Edan make for a perfect duo and hopefully, Humble Pi will only be the start for more collaborations between the talented pair, until then, dive into this album again and again, it's an immense and immersive listen that you won't regret. 


Gavin Brown

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