FEATURED: Nick Blackos - Circus E.P

Reppin' East London and part of the collective ONLYNEWVISION (ONV), Nick Blackos drops his latest offering titled Circus, a 4 track E.P serving as a bridge between his past and future creative endeavours.

His last project 07946 was a grimey combination of fantasy and London living - paired with that added stab of claustrophobia and paranoia – the double edged sword of city life.

His new project, Circus, carries a similar theme and emotion – this time entwining various producers in the form of Loa and Alphabetsheaven, unique production methods and mixed tempos to create a strong, raw and jagged E.P.

Shine China, produced by Loa, combines 80's Sythnwave, Bladerunner evoking, lo-fi chord progression with well folded vocal pitch changes and the effortless pen game of Nick Blackos.

My House carries that hazey, lo-fi feel further. Pondering thoughts from an elevated state of being. Reflection on self and others. An outer worldly sound, produced by Blackos and featuring Jon Pezotron.

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