10 Questions: Deezer Series - Scrufizzer


What’s good people! We’re back again with another edition of 10 questions but this time around, we’ve linked up with Deezer to shine the light on some of the stars of their current Urban Programme. Kicking things off is Mr Fizzy Flow himself, Scrufizzer.

For anyone that’s been living under a rock, please introduce yourself!

Yes man, I go by the name of Scrufizzer and I’m a MC and producer from West London. I have had some amazing support over the years, most recently from Deezer but also Zane Lowe, Annie Mac and Dizzee Rascal and been lucky enough to perform with artists including Wiley and DJ Cameo, as well as opening for Kendrick Lamar in the UK. 

You’re quite a genre hopper. How important is it to be able to adapt/ switch things up?

I just love music. When you’ve been doing something for so long your voice becomes a sound, so whatever the tempo, the vibe or energy; it’ll always be Scrufizzer.

Where do you feel your strengths lie? 

I think my strengths lie within the energy and the vibe I bring – whenever I deliver the ‘Fizzy Flow’ favour. People have compared me to some of the greats such as Dizzee Rascal and Kendrick Lamar. It’s great to hear that people are thinking of Dizzee and thinking of me at the same time! 

How has working with Deezer supported you? 

As a massive global music streaming service, Deezer has closely supported me by allowing me to reach an even larger demographic of people that may not have been familiar to my sound. They have hosted my music on genre playlists and featured me on the cover image, which is great exposure as an artist as they have 12 million users. 

How do the various streaming platforms benefit your progression?

We are living in the new generation, where the internet runs things. If you can get your music on different streaming platforms, it’s easier for people to listen to your sounds. It’s sick because I can be put on playlist alongside some of the biggest artists in the world. 

Given there are so many different outlets, is there the need for major label backing any more?

It depends on what your situation is. It’s possible to do things independently and make a massive impact; it’s just what suits you. I still think major labels can take you that extra step further in your career.

Why do you feel underground UK music has been gaining more mainstream success over the past couple of years? 

I think the world is taking to the UK sound at the moment. We’ve had massive stars like Drake show love and help our scene to grow into what it’s become today. 

Off the back of this, the scene seems much more together and supportive than it historically has been. Is that down to the culture striving for the same goal? 

Definitely, everybody is working together to make great sounds and the music from the UK just keeps getting better and better.

Has this rejuvenation given inspiration to you in any way?
Yes it’s definitely made my work rate go up! I now write about six songs daily. I’m in a proper zone! 

The Tropical EP is an absolute banger! How did you find the response to it? 

It’s been an amazing response, I had a very dope producer get in touch with me after it dropped. Chill Out has also done me some serious wonders and I will be back at it next year with some new material. 

You’ve collaborated with a whole heap of people so far. Ignoring the lazy question, who would you love to work with and why? 

Probably somebody like Vybz Kartel or Chornixx, I love their music – it’s proper vibey! It will happen soon, god willing.

What do you prefer – blessing the booth or the live stage show? 

I love booth but to be honest I couldn’t choose. I love recording but it’s amazing to perform your song that you made in a the studio and have everybody skanking to it as well!  

What’s next? Any new projects in the pipeline?

Yes, loads of projects and loads of tunes on the way… I’ve got a little mixtape that I’m gonna put out which will be a mix of all of my tracks I have done over the last year.

Twitter – @scrufizzer

Deezer, the world’s most diverse, dynamic and personal music streaming service, is currently working with a selection of ‘grassroots’ artists within the genres of rap, grime and reggaeton providing a platform for them to share their content with music fans. As part of its official ‘Urban Programme’, artists such as Scrufizzer, Avelino and Che Lingo, are all receiving continued support in raising their profile and showcasing their music and, as part of this, have access to Deezer’s 12 million users worldwide and one of the biggest global music libraries. The programme includes support from Deezer in helping those artists to create unique content including playlists, photography and music video creation, and placing each artist as the official ‘face’ of the main playlist in their genre for one month. 

Matt Neville